Welcome to my website. Created for the promotion, dissemination and protection of the wonderful breed of Boston Terrier.

It all started in 2006. In full pursuit of a new family member, almost by chance, since my idea was a French Bulldog puppy, I gave my first Boston, Achilles. It was love at first sight and I could not part with it and became part of my family. It was a discovery, as it was the first time I had a dog at home and on the other hand know first hand this race, so often mistaken for a French Bulldog "mixed".

Since then, without intending to, every day I'm more in love with the breed and is now in 2011 when I get fully into the canine world exhibitions, courses for handlers, canine genetics and breeding, etc.

Thanks to the dogs I have known wonderful people and great who have been my mentors and guides and help me to dive into the wonderful world of breeding and improvement of purebreds.

My name is Yeray. Come in, I invite you to take a walk around the web. You can also leave a note in the guestbook.


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